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Dog Walking & Animal Sitting Services

All of The Fairy Doglovers services are fully insured 

Dog Walking- In and around North Walsham and the surrounding villages 

Dog Walking - exercise is vital for the mental and physical well being of your dog. Gemma at The Fairy Doglover believes that a tired dog is a happy dog. Many behavioral problems are reduced drastically by offering more exercise. The Fairy Doglover is enthusiastic and energetic, offering a happy face which your dog needs if you're otherwise engaged.

The dog walking service is very beneficial to owners who are working, for owners who perhaps cant walk there dog to having health problems, or perhaps for owners who have had a baby, or for owners who would simple like there dog to have the company of others. Many owners have dogs who will bark at the presence of others dogs, and a weekly walkies with a friendly group of dogs can really help this along with some positive training.
Nowadays many families have to work full time, and Gemma makes it possible to still enjoy owning dogs,and to continue working guilt free. 

Gemmas most popular service is her key holder service, where she will come round whilst you are at work, collect your dog, ensure he is well exercised and left with clean water, taking the pressure of you when you return home. Many owners return home to completely relaxed dogs.  Gemma only charges a minimal amount for this personal service, which is ran solely by herself, so if you book Gemma, your dog will see Gemma, every single time, ensuring a good bond, which is vital for the many nervous dogs or dog reactive dogs which She has helped. The key holder service proves most popular because it gives owners that peace of mind, that if they are ever held up somewhere ( in traffic,rushed to hospital etc) Gemma has acess to your dog at short notice,when ever you might require. Of course if you ever lose your keys,and are ever locked out of your home,gemma can come to the rescue! 

Gemma offers- Puppy walks, Group walks, paired walks, or individual walks

In woodland,countryside,beaches, green lanes...etc... 

Prices start from £8-£10 for around an hours walkies! 

Dog sitting- Gemma offers exceptional dog sitting services, a perfect alternative to kennels where Gemma will keep to your dogs normal routine so you can go away on holiday, or business, and relax knowing that your best friend is in her caring and knowledgeable hands. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs. extensive references available from relaxed and happy dogs and relieved owners,most who have now become friends! 

Cat sitting:
 We all know that cats can be very particular animals, (as Gemma already knows from owning indoor Siamese cats) and when owners go on holiday they are nearly always most happy being left in there own environment. You can go on holiday totally relaxed knowing that your cat will be left in her own environment with her own home comforts and knowing that Gemma will call in twice or three times a day to feed,water, and change litter trays,plump up beds and of course provide free cuddles for your cat. She will even hoover up the pet hair, and open and close curtains,water plants and anything else you may require. You will also find that Gemmas personal service will beat cattery prices too.

Rabbit and small animal care:

Gemma has 18 years experience of keeping rabbits and guinea pigs. Gemma can visit daily to feed water and clean out your pet.
Gemma believes that hutch cleanliness is absolute priority, as is daily fresh water. 

Unfortunately The Fairy Dog Lover does not sit reptiles as Gemma feels she does not have the expertise needed in this area.

Doggy Day visit:
Quite often Gemma is asked to help out families when they want to have a long day out somewhere with the family- without the dog... 
Gemma offers company -exercise and all the other day care necessities of your dog. Whilst you are out enjoying a day out somewhere, Gemma can visit your dog in your own home, allowing you to continue your day guilt free! The cost of this is between £15 -£20 depending on how many walkies your dog may require and where you are located. 

CSJ dog Food and supplements supplier- Gemma offers free canine nutritional home visits where your dog can choose ( for free!) his favourite recommended recipe from gemmas stock of specialized canine feeds. She is also happy to go over the range of supplements and canine herbal blends which have helped many dogs which suffer from stiffness,anxiety's,itchy skin,etc.

Fairy Doglover Friend for life, PET TAGS :
 Gemma has her own company designed pet tag- it is double sided,with your details on the front, and  her company details are on the back of the tag incase you cannot be reached if your dog ever goes walk abouts with out you- a little peace of mind goes along way with your most precious pets

Gemma sells her home made, gentle, but beautifully scented herbal shampoos and grooming sprays. 
They can be made in virtually any scent you can think of, chocolate,bubble gum,strawberry milkshake,lemon grass,mint, puppy powder (perfect for a new puppy!) Apple,chamomile,dewberry,orange,lime, and lots more.
The Fairy doglover Shampoos are CHEMICAL FREE and will not strip the coat of essential oils, and the same goes for the grooming sprays. 
Grooming sprays are ideal for a freshen up in between baths,and to help mask the doggy odour. You can use both products as often as needed. 

Puppy Playgroup : 
 A new once weekly service which sets young puppies up for good socialization skills. 
Run in hourly groups of just four puppys,  your puppy will learn basic commands, learn handling skills and make friends through playing in a secure environment. Introductions to grooming tools, children, adult dogs, different noises ( happy desensitization's to sounds scary cds to help with aeroplanes,fireworks etc!) .
All training and associations are totally positive reward based . Puppies will also be able to test out the Fairy Doglovers new range of Kong interactive toys!  puppy playgroup walks will also be arranged to add variety, and if puppys have made good friends that particular puppy group can run for as long into adult hood as needed,because Dogs need friends .The cost for this is just £8 per puppy per session.